Source Check Frequently Asked Questions

The Source Check Group has been around for a few years now. It used to be entirely free to join but we started getting a little to big and we wanted to make it a more exclusive. So we started started charging. They price has changed a few times but now we are only $197 for a lifetime membership.

You might of found your way to the source check because you got ripped off a couple of times. Now your looking for a good, reliable source that comes through for you every single time. Thats what we are all about. We got tired of scammers ripping people off so a bunch of us got together to make sure it never happened again. It has worked too. Since we put together the source check group nobody has lost there cash to a scammer. Thats because we look out for each other and post or results with steroid websites that we have tried out. We have been around for so long now that we have a huge list of legit steroid sources. We are not affiliated with any steroid websites. We are just a bunch of guys exchanging information on legit sources.

If you need a legit source then paying $197 isn't a big deal for you. By being a member of the source check group you will get that small investment back 10X over by never getting ripped off again. Even if you do have a legit source already you are probably paying to much. You will probably make your money back in your first order from the what you will save with our sources.

There are so many steroid scam sites out there many people have begun to wonder if there are actually any legit sites. The answer is yes. There are actually quite a few. Most of them are overseas where steroids are legal. There are some domestic sources too. With your paid membership to you will have access to the hidden source check members area. That hidden forum has lists of lots of overseas and domestic sources with reviews and reports from our members. These reviews are updated on almost a daily basis. We are also constanly adding new content. This isn't some old list of supposedly legit sources. Not at all. Our forum is a thriving community where you can ask questions about sources and get a whole bunch of replies in a matter of moments. thrives because of our members. You are hugely important to us. Without you our site would not even exist. We are a community that wants to help you out. In return we ask that you share your experiences with sites you have used. If someone ripped you off let us know in the form. We would like to put scam sites out of business; thats our mission.

Source Check Group History

The Source Check Group started out as a single blog post. That post got a lot of attention. It grew to be thousands of comments. It was crazy. That was when we saw the need to build a forum. At first it was by invite only. We didn't charge back then but you needed to know someone in order to get an invite. We used Ning back then. Then Ning became a paid service so we quickly set up a basic site. The interface on the site wasn't to hot, but it was good to be among friends. That site was open to the public. Because it was free and open to anyone who asked to join it began growing at a rapid pace. After a couple months we had around 300 members and were getting about 2 new members every day. That was OK but most of the members would take the information and we would never see then again. They never posted reviews and they never contributed. Once they had a source, a good portion of them never even returned. At that point we decided to charge new members. We only charged $5. The site was still hugely popular. Nothing slowed down at all. We still had about 2 new people joining every day. A lot of our members felt that $5 was just to low to charge. At that point another site was built and this is it. This is now our permanent home and we like it alot. At this moment we are only charging $197. If you are not looking for a source then you can still participate in the rest of the forum; you just won't be able to asks for source checks. As a non paying member you break that rule we will instantly give you the boot. We don't put up with crap, and we certainly don't have any spammers. If your a spammer don't waste your time because we will kick you out immediatly.

Rules Of Source Check

We don't have alot of rules because we have a great group of guys and everyone knows better, but here our our few rule that we do have.

#1 Get an avatar. Your avatar is how we recognize you. Back in the day if you didn't have an avatar we booted you out. No exceptions. If you are having problems adding and avatar email us, or sent us a PM within the forum and we will size you image for you so you can add it with no problems.

#2 Play nice. We have only had one person break this rule in all the years we have been around. We gave that guy that boot and he ended up regretted it right away but he was really missing out on a good thing.

#3 Do not talk about Source Check. Just kidding. Spread the word. We don't mind. In fact when you join you will be given a special affiliate URL (website address). You can post that link on your blog, facebook, twitter account or wherever and when someone purchases a membership through your unique affiate url you earn 70% of the sale. Not a bad deal eh?


Is Source Check Legal?

As far as I know sharing information is not a crime. We are not breaking any laws so yes Source Check is totally legal. But just in case law enforcement happens to disagree with us all posts are for entertainment purposes only. If the DEA or CIA or whoever decides they want to shut us down they can try, but we will just pop up somewhere else. We want people to make safe choices. Thats why we started this site in the first place.

Are There Legit Sources?

Yes. Lots actually. Both overseas and domestic sources can be found within the paid members forum.

Are You Affiliate With Any Steroid Websites?

No. All of our reviews are unbiased and are made by members our the source check community. It doesn't get any more legit than that.

How Do I Know That Source Check Is Legit?

If you are the cautious type it might even be to much of a leap of faith to even trust a site whose mission is to eliminate scammers. I can understand that but really somewhere along the line you are going to have to trust someone in this industry and our forum is the best place to start. Thats me easy for me to say so I will let our members let you know what they think about source check.

Unsolicited reviews coming soon...

Can I Join For Free?

Yes. You can join the bodybuilding forum for free, but you will not to be able to do source checks. If you want to do source checks you need to become a paid member.

Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

No. I am so confident that you will be absolutely thrilled with the content in the Source Check Members Forum that there is no need for refunds.

How Do I Join?

Visit this link Join Source Check . Fill out all the fields. You don't have to use your real name but if you don't fill out all the blanks it might not add you to the forum. You will then be directed to paypal to complete your payment. Verify your email account by check your email. If you don't see an email from us it is most likely in your spam box. Now you should be able to login to the Source Check Forum. Now that you are logged in you will see a forum called Source Check Members; thats what you paid for. Lot of good stuff in there. Make sure you add an avatar (its the rules) and participate in the discussions. Source Check thrives when our members post reviews on sites they have used. Everyone there wants to help you out, so return the favor by posting your experiences :)

I Paid But I Can't Access The Forum

It happens. First make sure you confirmed your email address. Check your email after you register and it will explain. If you can't find the email it might be in your email account. If you are still having problems then shoot us an email and we will get you fixed up as soon as we can. Contact: