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Top Gear Slipping

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Top Gear has been slipping lately and the word is to avoid them. They have not been getting entirely negative reviews but enough now that they are no longer considered a reliable source. Here is some feedback on Top Gear.


They are very unprofessional and owe product to people and have stopped responding to my emails. If you order its at your own risk, so don’t pm me bitching about it.

Dam … that sucks man he was GTG i order some PCT from him … and still havent herd from him … Dam now i am pissed !
Thanks for the heads up !

wow, he was a good source for us here in US…crap
That’s the key word,,,,,, WAS,,,,,,
I was 1for 1 with him…#2 had issues on his end w/WU…but I got $$ returned…
Hope he pulls through for the good bros around here..

I got selectively scammed from Alinshop on anabolex. First 2 orders fine, third he didn’t send me squat. I was a senior member on bolex too.

alin try to scam me, and i used him for years. i like balkan it always gave me great results its a shame.

Anybody knw whats up with Topear i emailed him on wednesday and still no response.

i cant get a reply from topgear either. sent my money april 22 for some DBOL/Nolvadex no replies since. not a good way to do buisness

I still havent herd from topgear … sent my payment on 4/21…. hope he gets back to me …

Any body get their gear from Top Gear yet? Any body hear from Top Gear?

I havent herd shit from them man i would stay away if thers is delay i wouldnt care but no response to me means alot … so stay away from TOPGEAR