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Legit Steroid Websites Forum Press Release

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

For immediate release:

Nov. 6 2011

The Legit Steroid Websites Forum has teamed up with the Source Check Group Forum to bring their members up to date information on where to buy steroids online.

The online pharmaceutical business has grown thanks to the internet.  Instead of purchasing prescription medications from your local pharmacy you can now order medications online.  Home delivery by mail, and getting medications for a fraction of the cost are two of the benefits of order pharmaceuticals online.

The problem is that counterfeit drugs are often sold online instead of the real thing.  By counterfeit drugs we don’t mean generic, but instead drugs that contain no active ingredients at all, or worst dangerous substitutes.

Another problem with ordering pharmaceuticals online is that it is often difficult to find out what sites are legit and which are scams.  Some sites will ship small orders, and then scam you if you make a larger order after they have gained your trust.  Other sites just take your money and run.

The Source Check Group Forum mission is to make business for scammers impossible.  Members discuss their experiences with various suppliers so that everyone knows what sites are legit and which ones are scams.  The Source Check Group Forum has been very effective and has saved its members from the losing money, and going through the process of finding a source by themselves. is a new hard-core bodybuilding forum.  Source checks are not allowed, but you can find sources in the sponsors area after you become a member.  Within the sponsors area you will also find out how the Source Check Group has partnered up with Legit Steroid Websites to help members find real steroid sources, and sources for other prescription medications.

Legit Steroid Websites provides information on bodybuilding diet/nutrition, training, and chemical enhancement.  If you have question about nutrition for bodybuilders, how to train, or steroid cycles post them in the forum, and get feedback from other knowledgeable bodybuilders.

Increase your knowledge of bodybuilding, and get updates on sources by visiting and today to become a member, and participate in these bodybuilding communities.

Legit Steroid Sites

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

The Source Check Group has teamed up with so that you can get a massive discount on a lifetime membership to

Here is how you get your discount.  First register at the Legit Steroid Websites forum.  Then introduce yourself at Introductions.  Then grab the discount code from the sponsors forum.  Use that code at the Source Check Group.  Members are now added manually to the source check group, so you might have to wait 12 or so hours before the hidden source check forum is visible.  Of course if you ever have any questions at all contact

Save On Steroid Source Check Forum Lifetime Membership!

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Currently you can receive $150 off of a lifetime membership to the Source Check Group by using the coupon code: scoto11 – Expires Oct. 1 2011.

This means you can get a LIFETIME membership for only $49!

If your looking for legit sites where you can buy steroids online a Source Check Group membership will save you a lot of grief.  You will find domestic U.S. Sources, Domestic Canadian sources, sources in the U.K., and overseas sources.

A Source Check Group membership is a great resources if you are looking for weight loss drugs, HCG, or erectile disfunction medication.  All sources are reviewed by members, just like yourself.

What makes the Source Check Group different from other source sites is that it is no sponsors, and all threads are open to honest discussion.  If you dislike a company you can post your review without having to worry that it will be moderated or edited.  If you have received good quality product in a timely manner from a source please share your experience in the Source Check Forum.  The more reviews we have the better the site is.

Currently the Source Check Group has over 300 lifetime members with access to the hidden Source Check Forum.  We have been around for a few years now so you will find lots of information on various steroid websites, online pharmacies, and labs.  You will also find up to date information on the most popular sites.  This way if a source goes sour you will be among the first to know.  You will also be privy to the best prices around.

If you don’t have a source then your going to be taking your chances with iffy information that is available to the general public online.  You could end up getting ripped off, or worst.  By signing up for a Source Check Group membership you will bypass all of conflicting information that is posted online.  You will find dozens of sources to choose from.  Saving you time, money, and hassle.

The coupon code: scoto11 will be no longer work by the end of September.  This gets you in for $49.  After that the only way for you to get access will be by paying the full price of $197 for lifetime access.

Use your code to save here: Source Check Forum